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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to the questions that most probably came up about UUPZ

It is manufactured with Rigid Polypropylene Plastic so that has the perfect resistance and can be used and reused for years. All of our materials are top quality, BPA free and worldwide certified .

Reusable STAR Cup 16 oz (473 ml) for Hot Beverages
Reusable SUN Cup 24 oz (709 ml) for Cold Beverages
Reusable SATURN Cup 16 oz (473 ml) with Dome style lid

Colors Star Cup 16 oz (18 colors)

Transparent - Metallic White - White - Ivory - Silver - Gold - Yellow - Orange - Red - Metallic Pink - Pink - Golden Pink - Green - Metallic Green - Purple - Blue - Navy Blue - Black
Colors Sun Cup 24 oz Cold drink (10 colors)

Transparent - Translucent Rainbow (glitter) - Smoke - Translucent Blue (glitter) - Yellow - Phosphorescent (glitter) - Galactic - Gray (gliter) - Black - Metallic Pink - Traslucent Red - Bronze

Colors Saturn Cup 16 oz Dome style lid (13 colors)

Transparent - White - Silver - Black - Gold - Green - Yellow - Orange - Red - Blue - Metallic - Green - Pink - Purple

In our experience, we recommend and use screen printing as a printing technique. It is the best option! It remains forever and it allows us to have a very precise and detailed print on any graphic type.

UUPZ is made to last, so it has a minimum of 1000 hours of usage. We have a wide color scheme of vibrant European high-quality ink, lead-free and worldwide certified

Of course, UUPZ is microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. It will not alter its shaper or size .

Would you like to learn more about UUPZ?

Call us at +52 (33) 36400310 for personal assistance, we will be glad to talk to you and help with any doubtso talk to you and help with any doubts.

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